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Looking for things to do in Dubai?

Do you love solving puzzles?

Ever wondered what it would be like if the fate of your friends depended on you?
Find out by experiencing challenging situations at COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE!

We offer team puzzles, escape room experiences and mysteries for you to solve. Visit COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE Dubai today and work your way through challenging puzzles and clues.

Can you escape ?
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A New breed of
corporate team

We all want to be known as the “cool boss” … Well, here’s a perfect opportunity to claim your new title. Bring your team to COUNTDOWN CHALLENGE and boost morale while also learning valuable lessons in communication, organization, and critical thinking.

After you complete the room, you will receive a 10–15-minute analysis of your team’s strengths and weaknesses as well as individual player stats.

Interested in bringing your team?
Give us a call +971 4 427 4027  / +971 50 908 0328 or send us an email
Quest rooms for every taste!


Friends & Families

Experience the exciting adventure with your family and friends!

Hobby Detectives

You are a hobby detective yourself or have a very special idea for your date.


Are you bored and looking for new challenges?


Corporate event to build the team spirit in your company.
Bring your team together!

work together to solve
a series of riddles


What The
Players Say

“We just did this tonight, and it was worth every penny! The puzzles were all clever, and since they are very varied, each player got the chance to shine.”

Colin Black

“This was our first escape room experience (booked for my friend’s birthday), and it was great! Super challenging and yet everyone loved it! We didn’t make it out, but we want to try it again.”

Jane Welsh

“My friends had a super fun time deciphering puzzles and clues at Exit Game. Thank you for hosting the event! We plan to return when you have new games set up.”

Paul French

unforgettable experience and challenges


  •   The activity was mind changing. Thanks to Arjo and Paul for the wonderful experience. Would love to do it again.


      Friendly and Attentive Staff. Thanks for the extra help given by the game masters’ Arjo and Paul, will definitely recommend to my friends.


      It is a good experience for people who wanted to have a thrilling experience, good riddles and just a good idea to do with your friends.


      really good if you wanna get a good scare. really difficult and challenging, and horrifying. would recommend for people who can handle pop ups and flash lights in the dark,... read more


      I really loved how they made it feel extremely realistic and made you immersed with the experience with the use of live actors, sound effects and lights. Overall, the room... read more


      It was fun although super scary and they had jump scares you have to assure that you will be okay with pop ups


      Played all of the games since day one, a lot of times and enjoyed it all. shoutOut to the Game Masters there Cris, Mean, Erjo and Paul.


      My name is Magomed keligov, and I really like countdown because the game modes are really nice and fun. Especially I love the basement because it’s really scary and pretty... read more


      A fun new experience and amazing time with friends would definitely come again and enjoy more rooms.


      Loved the experience, we tried out two escape rooms in the same day and would 100% come back again. Arjo and Paul are the best!!!


      They have escape rooms from difficult to normal the staff was pretty cool too and love the visit again and try out all the rooms they have


      We've played a lot of escape rooms in Dubai and Countdown's the Basement with the actors is one of the creepiest. They came really close to touching us but they... read more

  •   This is one of the few escape room places that offer challenges for a minimum of 2 people. Most of them are 3 and above so we thought we’d give... read more


      We celebrated our 13year old’s birthday at Countdown Challenge. The escape rooms were brilliant, the food was yum and the staff super friendly! Will be coming back for the next... read more

    Rammah T

      it was a great idea to try this place for a group activity.. nice place, nice stuff and amazing experience.


      It was amazing activity for all the team Lacoste Uae team loved the place and the team were so friendly


      Lots of fun , really in depth well constructed games , Jasmine and Paul were superb at the front desk


      Staff were excellent and we absolutely loved the game. Took two children 6 & 8 who were really welcomed by the staff. Can’t recommend enough

    Alanna B

      One of the most scariest and mind boggling activities we had ever experienced. The staffs were very welcoming. We enjoyed it me and my friends when we did the basement... read more

    Celine Nicolae B

      We did « stolen » with my 6 years old daughter. Really really good moment at this escape game! Paul and Mohan very sympathetic and helpful. The game is great, you need... read more


      The wonderful staff were very kind and helpful to us and we enjoyed “the basement” escape room very much. It was a thrilling experience and won’t be my groups last... read more


      It’s really the experience you need to create connections among new team members . Clear games,Well done


      Out experience was very joyful and fun!
    We absolutely loved it, the clues were helpful and the challenges were exciting.


      The challenge is really nice, the clues can be a bit difficult and the fact that you can get a hint every 10 mins might be challenging, the only thing... read more

  •   The place is nicely built..put you straight away in the game mood. the games are challenging. I consider this place a calculator to my IQ:D


      Pure fun right from the beginning till the end. A great way to spend quality time with family and friends. Every room is well detailed and has its own particular... read more


      I’ve been to Countdown challenge twice already and i cant decide which one was better! I had the best time with my friends and this experience is definitely something you... read more

    Dana V

      I went here with 3 of my friends and we had such an amazing time, this place is so well done and everything is so exciting!! You’d wanna go here... read more


      I’ve been to Countdown challenge twice already and i cant decide which one was better! I had the best time with my friends and this experience is definitely something you... read more

    Dana V

      Great And the guys who works in the shop there awesome and they respect the visitors so much .thank you


      It was incredible, good vibe, nice place, perfect game and difficult , but we loved it so much ! You have to go ! It’s definitely worthy


      It was such an amazing place to be, think & have fun as a team. Every single second counts there and the excitement level is so high, so glad to... read more


      We had such and amazing time today! Me and 5 more friends! Escape room was equipped very well and it was very interesting to find the way out! Literally love it !♥️


      I had a nice & unique experience yesterday throught COUNTDOWN CHALLANGE in Dubai

    I recomended to all ❤❤❤


      Out experience was very joyful and fun!
    We absolutely loved it, the clues were helpful and the challenges were exciting.


      The challenge is really nice, the clues can be a bit difficult and the fact that you can get a hint every 10 mins might be challenging, the only thing... read more


Find answers to all of your questions here

What is this?

In each experience, you will be locked inside for a designated amount of time while you and your team try to figure out how to escape. The rooms contain clues, trap doors, and hidden items.

Do I need a reservation to enjoy the CountDown Challenge experience?

You can just walk in, although we recommend booking as far in advance as possible to ensure your desired date and time are available.

Thankfully, you can easily book online! Just click any of the ‘Book Now’ buttons.

Can I add more people after the reservation is made?

Absolutely, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum people allowed per game. However, if you have players more than our maximum capacity in a game, your group will be split into 2 teams to play in different games at the same time. Please contact us before your game if you’d like to add more players.

What if we are stuck in the middle of the game?

Our rooms are monitored via cameras by your own personal friendly Escape Master, who will be available to provide hints or clues to assist you. However, we believe the best satisfaction lies in escaping the room with minimal assistance, so make sure that you try as hard as you can as a team before asking for hints! In case of any emergency, there is always a quick safe exit.

Do I need any special prior puzzle solving experience?

Nope. Just be willing to search for hidden clues and related items…and to use your brain! If you are really struggling, you may reach out to your Escape Master to offer you a clue or hint and get you moving in the right direction.

We want to book more than one room during your normal business hours but noticed they start at different times? What can we do?

If you want to reserve more than one room starting at the same time during our normal business hours, please contact us. This is a common request and is possible, although we need to know in advance so we can alter our schedule.

How long does each full experience last?

Normally, the whole experience will last around 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes before your start time! This is essential as we’ll prepare your team for the game.

When you arrive you will receive a full briefing on the game and then the fun begins! You will be placed in the room and have 60 minutes to get out. When you finish, there’s post-game drinks and a photo opportunity!

Do I need to wear anything special?

Wear anything you are comfortable in, but the most activity you will be engaging in may be squatting down or getting on the floor to look under objects, all in order to get a closer look at something. If you wear reading glasses or contact lenses, it might be a good idea to bring them. Nothing offensive please ?

I am a solo traveler and do not have a group. Can I still join the game?

Yes, it is possible. Please note that you still have to pay the minimum price, which is for 2 players, and it may also be tough to complete the game on your own. Hence, we would still suggest you to invite some new friends along. You can always try posting on our Facebook page to try to find like-minded individuals to play with.

Can children participate?

Kids actually love the games, although we have some restrictions. They will not be able to do it all on their own, but they sure are good at searching for things and linking things together.

Anyone aged 13 to 16 can participate alone with a waiver signed by a parent or guardian (just print, have signed and bring it with you). This age group is perfectly suited for our games.

Ages 12 and under must have one participating paying adult. We do not recommend that children under the age of 6 play as they don’t enjoy the games as much and there are also some safety concerns.

Can you accommodate large groups or corporate events?

Yes! Our games are great for corporate team building and team bonding sessions, as well as birthdays, stags, hens and big groups of friends. Corporate and mass bookings are welcome, and we can also offer private venue buyouts. Please contact us for group bookings and enquiries and we can arrange a special package for you at a great price.

Do you have any advice for us during our game?

Sure! Before each game, we show you and your team fun animated briefing videos that will explain how to play your game, and the mission you have to accomplish. Here are a few pointers:

  • Not everything is a clue. There are some red herrings.
  • Separate and search! There is plenty to find.
  • If you find something, let others know.
  • Keep the clues out in case you need to revisit them.
  • Double check each other’s answers and searches if you are stuck!


  • If you’re really stuck, you can always ask your personal Escape Master for help.
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