Last Will

2-8 Players
60 Minutes
JBR, Bahar 1, Plaza Level

You are an adventurer and together with some of your buddies, one night in Rome, while resting after a long trip in a hotel lobby, you meet an old man. You start chatting with him and it turns out he is the owner of the hotel, a very interesting man, an adventurer with so many exciting stories to tell: trips in dangerous places all around the world, secret missions, mysterious situations and his “LAST WILL” locked in his secret office right in the hotel where you are staying. Since he has no family, whomever finds his last will, shall inherit his whole fortune.

The night after BOOM! You find him dead in the lobby and now your main objective is to find The Last Will. You are inside his office, but there is only one problem: the Police is on its way. Will you manage to find the fortune before the cops are there and will arrest you?

Last Will

From: AED280


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